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My name is Tomasz Zaleski and welcome to my website. I am from Warsaw (Poland). Websites, graphic designs and internet marketing are areas that have fascinated me since I was a child. The desire to create, express myself and help others gives me satisfaction. That is why in 2018 I founded the ZALT.PL website with the goal of providing good quality webmastering, graphic and marketing services aimed primarily at small enterprises, sole proprietorships and private individuals.

Curiosity and the desire to get to know the visited websites from the inside made me learn to create simple websites in HTML and CSS, enriching them with proven JavaScript elements over time. Long hours spent on analyzing someone else's source code enriched my knowledge and resulted in getting to know the webmaster's workshop and discovering many original techniques used by web developers.

Graphics is about more than just creating. It is an opportunity to express yourself, present your skills. It all started with the creation of initially clumsy graphics, which became more and more effective with the every next project. Over time, apart from the usual graphics, moving animations appeared.

I became interested in marketing for practical reasons, in order to be able to reach a greater number of recipients with my offer. I started to be interested in the secrets of internet marketing, SEO issues and e-mail marketing. I am aware that this is a very dynamic field, requiring constant deepening of knowledge and gaining new experiences.

I approach each order individually, carefully listening to my clients, offering them good advice and ideas to best meet their expectations. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of services provided by me.

Services offered

  • Creating simple websites and web business cards in HTML and CSS with JavaScript elements.
  • Designing images, website banners and stop-motion animations in raster graphics.
  • Designing business cards, leaflets, posters intended for printing in raster graphics.
  • Cooperation in creating business databases based on publicly available information on the internet.
  • Promoting websites, services or products on the internet, social media and advertising portals.
  • Adding SEO unique entries to web directories to promote your website.