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Graphics and the first impression of the user

Banners, images, animations are an indispensable part of any website or promotional material. They improve the transparency of the website and make it more attractive for the recipient. It is the graphic that is responsible for the first impression of the website user, deciding whether the user will stay on the website or leave it quickly. In addition to static graphics, a good solution can be the use of stop-motion animations that will allow you to present your company or offer in an interesting way.

Banks of photos and images

For the purposes of my projects, I use free photo banks that allow me to use photos for commercial purposes. The database of such photos is limited, which means that I will not always be able to choose the right graphics. In such cases, I suggest my clients buy photos from paid banks such as Depositphotos, Shutterstock, etc.

I will create professional looking raster graphics

As part of the service, I offer the creation of graphic designs in raster technique. These are primarily banners intended to be placed on a website or in social media, both static and dynamic in the form of GIF and WEBP animations. In addition, I also create logos for the website as well as posters, leaflets and business cards for printing. Ready projects, depending on the type of project, are sent in one of the following formats: GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, PSD or PDF. For all graphic designs, at the customer's request, I also send a file in the XCF format, which can then be edited by yourself in the free Gimp graphic program if necessary.

By default, all graphic designs created are saved in the RGB color model, but for the purposes of printing, I can convert them to the CMYK color model. I use ICC color profiles (applies to JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, PSD). I convert PDF documents using online services. If the customer does not choose the color profile according to which the project is to be converted, then I convert using one of the ISO 12647 profiles, as they are the most commonly used technologies in large-format printing. For more information, please contact me.

Cost of creating a graphic design

All prices for static projects (logos, posters, leaflets and business cards) and moving projects (animations) are determined individually and depend on the size of the project expressed in pixels and the effort needed to create it.

Transparent prices with no hidden costs

Moving projects, i.e. stop-motion animations, are priced on the basis of the number of unrepeteable frames in the animation, the size of the animation expressed in pixels and the individual preferences of the Ordering Party. Below I have presented the price ranges for each unrepeteable frame in the project (given values expressed in pixels refer to the longer side of the animation):

  • Animation up to 256px: price from 12 PLN to 14 PLN for each unrepeatable frame.
  • Animation up to 512px: price from 14 PLN to 16 PLN for each unrepeatable frame.
  • Animation up to 1024px: price from 16 PLN do 18 PLN for each unrepeatable frame.
  • Animation up to 2048px: price form 18 PLN do 20 PLN for each unrepeatable frame.
  • For animations over 2048px, the price is set individually.

On request, an editable file in XCF format will also be attached to each project. It allows you to edit the stop-motion animation later by adding new and deleting previous frames, changing the appearance and transition time between frames.

Unrepeteable and unique frames in a stop-motion animation

Finally, an explanation of the difference between an unrepeteable and unique frame, which are listed under the animations in the project gallery. An unrepeteable frame in a stop-motion animation is one that is different from the frame immediately preceding it, but can occur multiple times throughout the animation. A unique frame, on the other hand, is one that appears only once in the entire project.

For example, a single frame in a stop-motion animation that has been copied many times to subsequent transitions in the same animation and is repeated in subsequent stages of the animation is counted as follows: the first frame in the entire animation is treated as a unique frame, while each first frame in individual stages animation, if not immediately preceded by an identical frame, is treated as an urepeteable frame. However, each copied frame preceded by an identical frame is treated as a normal frame and is counted towards the total number of frames in the stop-motion animation.

Before starting the service, an advance payment is required, the amount of which is determined individually depending on the type of project. For more information, please contact me.

About the service:

  • I create graphics for a website, promotional material or for social media.
  • Projects created in one of the popular formats: JPG, PNG, PDF and others.
  • I create stop motion animations in one of two popular formats: GIF and WEBP.
  • I create printable projects such as posters, announcements, flyers and business cards.
  • On request, I provide an XCF file used to edit graphics in Gimp.
  • The implementation time depends on its size and complexity.